Música para segurança no laboratório

cientista interagindo com bonecos no laboratório
Este divertido vídeo faz alguns alertas para a segurança em um laboratório.

O visual infantil, com líquidos coloridos e borbulhantes se encaixa bem no imaginário popular do que é a química. E é exatamente esse o objetivo, dar um toque leve e divertido a um assunto científico.

O projeto de produção é desenvolvido por uma equipe de estudantes da UC Berkeley, e começou com um vídeo sobre nanotecnologia para um concurso.

Acompanhe a letra:
The Safety Song:

The laboratory is a wondrous place where experiments are put to test,
There are so many tools at our disposal to study science at its best
Pipettes and beakers, what’s this for?
Acids, bases, salts galore,
Bunsen burners, scales and more…
We’re going to have so much fun,
And we’ve only just begun,
cause we have so many gadgets to explore!

Now wait just a minute my young scientists before you begin you must be alert.
There are so many hazards in the lab and it’s best if we do not get hurt.
Equipment may appear robust
But glass can break and tools can rust,
So safety goggles are a must!
And many fluids look the same
So we label them by name
Be aware of open flames
And we always work with someone whom we trust!

Oh there once, was a famous monster Jeffrey,
Who accidentally left tea,
On his lab desk late one night…
And then he
made a wonderful discovery,
Before he spilled his hot tea,
Which ended in catastrophe.

[He should have been a little more careful
Then he wouldn’t have burned his lab down]

So remember to keep food and drink away, just make it part of your lab routine, and
Your desk holds many sensitive materials it’s crucial that you keep it clean.
So waft don’t smell those toxic scents
Saftey is our best defense
Most of all use common sense
You know that shoes with open toes
Are at risk to be exposed,
To burns and glass who knows!
Please don’t track in all that sand, and
Don’t touch that with bare hands!
Gloves are a concern
To avoid a nasty burn
You’ll soon learn to be aware
And can you clean up all that hair?
Come on, safety is a serious affair!

(bokor monster)
I’m not unsafe, it’s not fair,
I can’t help that i shed purple hair
Alas, i wish i had a second chance

[Everybody makes mistakes
be careful next time for all our sakes]

1: The laboratory is a wondrous place where experiments are put to test
There ARE so many tools at our disposal to study science at its best

2: [We all must be safe, because safety is our best defense
But most of all, we must always use our common sense]

1: It’s important that we all take care
Stay alert and be aware
Cause safety is a duty shared!

2: [Cause safety comes first
So we must prepare,
And we’ll be well versed!]

It’s instrumental to identify
Potential things as they come by
Cause plans can often go awry
And we must be prepared!

Texto escrito por Prof. Dr. Luís Roberto Brudna Holzle ( [email protected] ) – Universidade Federal do Pampa – Bagé.

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